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Remote Work Is Here To Stay and Will Increase Into 2023

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Even Elon Musk had to soften his stance on remote work.

The backlash against remote work has begun.

On Medium, there are several stories trending on why remote work isn’t here to stay.


First and foremost, people know they can make money with controversial topics that evoke a strong emotional response on this platform.

But in fact, data also shows that from February to September 2022, remote jobs dropped from 20% of all US vacancies to 14%.

Elon Musk had to soften his stance on remote work

Nevertheless, what you need to keep in mind is that even Elon Musk has somewhat softened his attitude toward remote work.

He said that managers can decide whether an employee can work from home or not.

Musk may have realized that the 14% of US jobs that allow remote work are the ones that receive more than half of all job applications.

LinkedIn Global Talent Trends
LinkedIn Global Talent Trends

The LinkedIn Global Talent Trends show that in September 2022, remote job posts fell to 14% of all job posts but got 52% of all US applications.

TalentLMS data shows that almost three-quarters of the youngest workers want access to hybrid or remote work.

So employers who want the best talent in 2023 should definitely take note.

Don’t believe the hype that remote work isn’t important anymore.

Dare to search and ask for a remote job or at least flexible work arrangements in 2023.

My hubby and I work remotely and we love it.

If you want to learn how to thrive in remote work there’s an online course by Harvard University called “Remote Work Revolution for Everyone” you can enroll in for free.

Learn more about the future of work:

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