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Repost! You Can Repost Content Originally Published on Another Site On Medium (Under One Condition)

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No worries about “duplicate content”.

Often writers are afraid of “duplicate content” but this is a lie told by SEO experts.

I interviewed a Google and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) expert for my YouTube channel and he said the same.

He highlighted that it’s only relevant if you take the work of someone else and republish it.

If you republish your OWN content, for instance, your Substack newsletter on Medium or vice versa, this is not duplicate content.

This means, there is no issue on Medium’s end regarding “duplicate content” as long as you are not committing copyright infringement,

Yes, you can — assuming you have complete ownership of the content.

For example, you could repost an article that was originally on your WordPress website or Substack newsletter.

On both platforms, you own your content and it’s your intellectual property (IP).

There is no issue on Medium’s end as long as you are not committing copyright infringement and are publishing with a bigger publication that wants to publish original pieces.

The only time this might be an issue is if, for example, you did a guest post on a third party’s blog, and you signed an exclusive agreement that you would never repost that content elsewhere.

But this would be true on any platform (not just Medium).

However, you have to be clear about where your “home” on the internet is.

  • Is it your social blog on Medium or your newsletter?
  • What is your #1 priority?
  • Where do you publish the most?

It’s smart to link back to your original piece.

You can also set a canonical link when you publish a story from your blog on Medium.

On Substack, you can’t use a canonical link, for instance, but you don’t need to worry about it. In the newsletter, you can say (if you want) that it was previously published on Medium.

BOOM! Demystified!

More in an upcoming interview on my YouTube channel.

For more, check out my latest video about Medium’s demographics:

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