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Repurpose Your Medium Content (Like A Pro)

  • 2 min read

#3 See what people highlighted and put those sentences in your new story.

The other day, a new writer asked me:

How can I repurpose my Medium content?

Glad he asked!

1 Look for Medium posts that worked for you within the last past weeks, i.e. those which have the highest engagement or reads.

2Based on the comments, create a new post about this specific topic or rewrite your initial post based on your learnings from the first one.

3See what people highlighted and put those sentences in your new story.

4Check your comments and include statements, thoughts, fears, beliefs, and disbeliefs from your audience in your new piece. This way your readers feel as if you were reading their minds because you know how they feel.

5Take powerful sentences that people engaged with from your posts and share them on Twitter.

6Take the most popular text snippets from your blog post and share them as a thread on Twitter or Substack.

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