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Respect for All Part-Time Writing Moms and Dads — They are Incredible People

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Calling all moms and dads who practice in public.

When I created this “from zero to hero video” Michael Spencer, a former Medium writer, is referring to on Substack Notes (the Twitter for newsletter writers), I was pregnant.

I felt sick.

I didn’t take a shower that day.

I guess it was during lunch break and I knew I had to pick up my toddler from kindergarten in a few minutes.

My baby danced somersaults in my belly.

I suffered from mommy’s brain.

I forgot what I wanted to say.

However, I managed to pump out that video, I guess it was #10 or so.

It didn’t perform well when I published it.

A few months later, it took off and now has about 20,000 views and about 600 comments on YouTube ^^

Lessons learned

Don’t stop before you have published at least 100 stories, 52 newsletter editions, or 52 videos (I’m at #32 now).

I’ve published 1,900 Medium stories in three years as a part-time writing mom.

Spread some love and tag some Moms and Dads of Medium (or Substack) or other platforms you love — it can also be YOU!

I’ll go first Jonathan Townend, RMN / Editor Frank Larkin Nicole Dake

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