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Say Goodbye To Custom Profiles On Medium (With FAQ)

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Bye, Bye, Bye, we’ll miss you much. One more reason to start your own blog.

When I heard the news, I started humming:

“Bye, Bye, Bye” and “I want you back” from N’Sync.

Especially this line fits perfectly:

“Baby I remember
The way you used to look at me and say
Promises never last forever”


Well, in the eyes of many writers on this platform, Medium has broken a promise with its recent announcement.

Let’s explore the platform’s promise before I break the news:

In 2020, Medium launched a more expressive Medium where everyone could customize their little space on the platform:

“(Medium) can create a sense of sameness, where everyone’s stories and spaces start to feel similar to one another.” Alexis Lloyd

To make Medium our own, Medium introduced great customization features.

“We know how important it is for creators to be able to not just make a space on the internet for their work, but to make their own space, to create context and a sense of place, and to establish their personal brands.”

The new design editor let writers express their personal style and brand.

design editor example

They could play with combinations of fonts, colors, logos, and sizes.

The promise:

Medium’s promise was to help writers create their own space on Medium and to let them personalize their profile as they would on their own blog or website.

The message behind it:

You don’t need your own WordPress blog or website. Medium has it all. It’s a one-stop shop.

Breaking news: Medium will axe the customization feature

Most of the time when Medium removes a feature they explain it with customer insights.

For example:

“In the time since launch, we haven’t seen the widespread adoption we’d hoped for.”

Therefore, they want to break their promise to the writers to create their own space.


That’s also the reason why they killed the editing function in the app (but then had to bring it back) and the pictures of Medium writers at the top of the feed.

When will Medium end support its customization features?

On April 12 it will happen.

Your custom background color will be set back to default — white.

Your profile accent colors will be set back to default — black.

Your profile fonts will be set back to default — Sans Serif for headings and Serif for body text.

Only black and white instead of colorful?

The good news is you can keep at least your header image!

design Kristina God

This will not be affected by the changes.

Where to get access to the design editor?

You can get access to your design setting by going here (me = your Medium handle).

What about my customized publication?

Publication colors and fonts will not be affected by this change.

I guess that’s because Medium wants to support publications more and even plans to pay owners and editors in 2023.

So if you want it colorful you have to start your own publications otherwise you have to go with the default version.

Where can I complain about this change?

You can reply to the email Medium sent or leave Buster Benson or Harris Sockel a comment with questions, concerns, or ideas


“We’ll read every reply we receive”, Buster and Harris shared in the official email.

Bottom Line

Writers can’t create a personalized space on Medium anymore as they used to.

On April 12, your custom background color, profile accent colors, and profile fonts will be set back to default.

Good news: customization for publications will stay the same.

If you want your presence on Medium to be more personalized and colorful you need to start a publication.

My tip: if you’re frustrated about this change, why not start your own website with a blog?

You can repurpose your Medium stories there, show your portfolio and make it your own space!

Medium is my home although it is “rented land”. However, I’m also in the middle of creating my own space on the internet — my website with a blog.

status quo of Kristina God’s website with blog; photo isn’t showing me ^^

On my Substack newsletter and on YouTube, I’ll share my journey and share the exact steps on how you can also create your own website — without getting tech headaches. haha

Learn how to create your own space with WordPress (part I of my website series):

Get insider information via Substack:

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