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Self-Promotion Is A Dirty Thing

  • 2 min read

Right or Wrong?

When you hate the idea of self-promotion you’re not alone.

At the weekend, Robert Ralph surprised me and the community of new writers with a sponsorship. One lucky new writer will get a free spot in my Kickstarter Boot Camp 2.

Based on this announcement some writers reached out to me via email telling me

I’m scared to put myself out there!


Of course, that’s not exactly what they said but for me, that’s the bottom line.

They told me about various fears.

Their fear to…

  • lose the competition.
  • being not good enough.

Some even said they wouldn’t apply at all.

Guys, please, listen to me.

Take the plunge into writing 150 words WHY you want to join.

You don’t compete with other writers.

You are your biggest enemy.

Show me and Richard WHY you want to join.

Here are 4 examples:

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