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She Gave Birth To Her Twins And Then She Ran Away

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She felt too old to be a mother.

For years, our friends had wanted a child. For years, they tried again and again in the natural way, but in vain. In their late 30s, they finally tried to have a child via IVF.

She had two eggs removed and, under the microscope, they were fertilized with his sperm. The two fertilized eggs were reinserted into her.

It did not work the first time, nor the third time, but on the seventh try. From one moment to the next it was:

Congratulations you are having…. Twins. Two girls.

The long-cherished dream was going to become a reality

At first, they could not believe what the doctor had told them. But suddenly the time had come. Their long-cherished dream was finally going to become reality. And with two children.

She had always wanted to wait, become a parent later, and pursue her career. It would work out, she had thought. You should be able to plan to have children just like everything in life. But, it turned out, it couldn’t be planned, and when they tried in their mid-30s, it didn’t work out. But now, shortly before her 40th birthday, the time had come.

She turned 40

As her belly grew, our friend turned 40. During the pregnancy, she had already noticed that life was very difficult for her. She referred to herself as an ‘old mother’ and introduced herself that way in the prenatal class.

‘Yes, I am old already.’

In Germany, women are, on average, around 30 years old when they become mothers, she explained. Was she happy, I asked? That seemed to me, at that time without a child, the far more important question, because the babies were already in the belly.

‘Yes, sure.’

But that’s relative depending on whether you’re younger or older. It felt to me like she was going around in circles on the subject of age. But what did I know?

No response

The birth went well. The twins were delivered by C-section two weeks early and were still being monitored. A photo was sent with them in the bassinet and then I heard nothing more. Presents were sent. No response.

Months later, I met her husband by chance on the road without children or wife. I waved to him and went beaming with joy towards him, but he seemed not to notice me and did not stop. But finally, he greeted me.

I congratulated him and asked about his wife and children, how they were doing and how family life was. But he only said:

‘She is gone. Up and away.’

I did not understand and asked naively:

‘Who is gone?’

Thereupon he told me the tragic story that had visibly emaciated him in the last weeks and months.

Packed suitcases and not ready for children

From one moment to the next, their biggest dream came true. They had become parents of two little babies. But it was too much for his wife. After two weeks, she stood before him with packed suitcases and said she had to go.

And she did.

It was all too much for her: the sleepless nights,

the feeding, the screaming.

And the fact that it was two children.

She had only ever wanted one. Mentally, they had already given up on having a baby but physically they kept trying. Again and again. She no longer believed in it. But then the news. She had thought it would get better after the birth, but she felt too old and still not ready for children.

The father was hoping she would come back to her senses

And there he was, alone with twins. As a father with useless breasts.

He had to become inventive and not think about himself, only about the children. He wanted to be everything to them: father and mother. He had to take care of everything.

After a few days, she called, asked about the babies, and said where she was. She stayed there and he took care of them day and night, always hoping that his wife would come to her senses and bring her maternal instincts back to the cradle of her babies.

She cannot spend her life with the babies

But unfortunately, this did not happen even months after the birth. She definitely wants to see the babies again, she’s said. But she cannot spend her life with them. She loves her husband. But she cannot do that with the children.

He asked:

How do you imagine that would work?

They would no longer be two, but four. It would be their offspring and the fruit of their love. But his wife and mother of his children stayed away. Although she herself wanted to become parents later.

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