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She Got Boosted With The Help of Kristina God’s Free Guide

  • 2 min read

The “Get Boosted on Medium Guide” has already helped hundreds of Medium writers. I bet you too.

Writing for pennies is disheartening.

Getting Boosted is definitely the VIP lane. However, so so many writers are still waiting to get Boosted and finally get the VIP lane.

But why haven’t you been Boosted yet?

Imagine Medium’s curation team sitting in a hip office, sipping on lattes, scouring for gems.

Your gem.

If they pick your story, it gets “Boosted” and is shown to a wider audience like it’s the belle of the ball.

The advantage?

Your words reach corners they never could have on their own.

But don’t sweat it if you don’t get the golden ticket.

Want that golden ticket? Of course, I can’t do the work for you but help you to put yourself into a position of luck with my free guide.

Charisse Tyson read my “Get Boosted on Medium Guide”, finally got Boosted and earned $150+!

Here’s Cat’s Boosted story:

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