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She Graduated College At 85 Years Old

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It was an adventure, Arlyne from Florida states.

At 85 years young, Arlyne Frankel graduated from Florida International University (FIU).

When she was 18 years she was in her second year in college and … she called it quits … but she said to herself:

I’m gonna come back but not now.

I will return and get my degree.

Between now and the day I die

In an interview with Good Morning America (GMA), she shared that at 79 years she stopped working.

I thought I would work untilt I die (…)

I had the space and thats when possibilities happen.

She decided to go back to school.

But why go to university with 79?

She shared that life got its hands on her.

She had no control. So many things happened but she knew there will be a time.

I knew it in my heart!

What’s it like to be in university with kids who are 18 years old?

Arlyne didn’t live on the campus.

She lived 20 minutes away.

What really helped her to connect with her much younger co-students was a camp for freshmen and transfer students in the second semester.

This camp helped her to adjust.

The most important thing for her was the question:

Will they be nice to me?

The much younger students were. They helped and supported her.

I did not realize how nice they would be (…)

I fell in love.

Final Takeaways

This story of Arlyn really inspired me.

It shows that it’s never too late to graduate or to tackle the things you truly want to do in life.

Of course, you go through your life and it gets its hands on you. There are things that you can't control and you don’t have the opportunity you’d love to have because you are just not in the right season of your life.

But if you truly want something before you die, you need to make it happen to feel fulfilled.

When you’re finding yourself going through your life thinking about all the could have, should have, would have…

Arlyn has the answer:

Its never ever too late!

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