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She Is The Fastest Growing Top Writer Besides Legend Tim Denning

  • 1 min read

She’s rocking it!

That’s super exciting for all female voices on this platform.

There’s one female writer here who climbs the ladder higher and higher.

When I recently shared the Top 10 writers on Medium, she had 1K more followers than Jessica Wildfire.

Whereas superstar Jessica won 2K new followers since July 2022, this female writer won…. drum roll, please…16K new followers!

Tim Denning won 7K new followers within the last past three months.

Wow, so the woman I’m talking about is definitely on a roll, and that’s why I love to present her today:

It’s my friend Anne Bonfert. She’s German too and pumps out wonderful stories about her travels, flowers, nature, and blogging in general.

With 135K followers, she comes right after Barack Obama.

Check out the Top 10 list of writers on Medium for more:

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