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Short Form Content Is Taking Over The Internet

  • 1 min read

Adapt and thank me later

Short-form content is everywhere.

Some say it’s a virus that’s slowly taking over the internet.

I think it’s a form of modern communication finding its way.

In this day and time, the attention span of most people is lower than that of goldfish.

Mastering the art of short and sweet content is the next big thing.

It all started with TikTok. Now we have YouTube Shorts.

If you don’t want to grow beyond words and keep on writing… utilize this strategy and thank me later:

  • Add short form to the mix.
  • Create 1-minute-read stories as a gateway to your long stories.
  • Write a short summary of your story and post it.

On Medium, short form, and long form work together.

Your 1-minute content is the perfect marketing tool for your long-form stories.

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