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Short Form Writing is Exploitative, Harmful, Lazy, Terrible, And Provides No Real Value

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and is a literary fart. True or False?

The other day, Attila Vágó surprised me.

He published a controversial piece called Why Shortform Stories Are The Worst.

I promised to give a statement in form of a… well, short form.

1. Short form is the bastard child of literature and journalism that nobody asked for.⚠️

Yes, people asked for it.

Our attention span is lower than from a goldfish.

People skim, browse and scroll.

2. Self-serving and pointless.⚠️

With short form writing, you have to get to the point, make your writing short and sweet — without the fluff.

3. It’s lazy, exploitative, and harmful in the long term.⚠️

Reading a short form piece is like a first date.

Do you want more? Read the long form piece!

✅No, it’s not a ‘literary fart’.

It’s here to stay.

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