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Should All Writing on The Internet Be Free and Pure From Capitalistic Incentives?

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I don’t think online writing should be pure of capitalistic incentives.

Someone sent me an email and asked me why I put my content on Medium behind a paywall.

The reason he asked was that I accidentally forgot to put two stories about Canva Magic Studio and Adobe Firefly behind the paywall and people could access them via Google.

Then they tried to read my other stories but couldn’t.


Medium used to give non-members 3 free reads as an incentive to join the platform. In September they introduced longer previews and killed the 3-free-reads-rule.

I make my writing available on Medium for a VERY LOW rate. It’s about 1 cent per view — depending on the length of the story and whether it’s Boosted or not).

Is this ridiculous?

Is this evil?

I don’t think so.

You put your blood, sweat, and tears into it.

Why should online writing be pure of capitalistic incentives?

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