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Should I Go Paid Immediately When I Start Writing on Substack?

  • 2 min read

There’s also another way of seeing whether people pay for your online writing.

Many writers are reluctant and hesitant to go paid when they start writing on Substack.

I guess this comes from the mindset that on the internet almost all content is free.

Guess what? Some are already speculating that in the future AI-written content will be free and human written content will be paid.

“I am pretty bullish on telling writers to go paid immediately. I love that we have the pledges option available now. That’s a newer thing for us”, shared Christina Loff who is working together with some of Substack’s top writers.

What’s Substack’s pledges option?

It’s a tool that you can turn on or off.

“And I tell people if you’re not going to launch with paid turned on, launch with pledges turned on for sure”, recommends Loff.

Once you receive several pledges, you can turn on payments and earn recurring income from paid subscriptions.

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