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Show Up And Do The Work In Order To Become A Successful Writer

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don’t quit before the miracle happens

Everyone you’re looking up to on this platform has been doing his work for months.

They have built an audience, their email list, share their content on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Oftentimes new writers aren’t aware of the fact that every single content creator on the internet started with zero followers, zero earnings, and zero content.

Within 10 months I’ve gained 1.8K followers, wrote around 320 stories, and joined the $100 club (only 6% of writers on Medium are in).

I don’t deny I did the work.

Any serious business requires hard work as well. It’s never easy.

It took me years to reach my big goal

I started my career with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media communication. I was 24 years old back then and suddenly had to work from 9 to 5, even on the weekend and long hours

Within six years I climbed the career ladder from an assistant in Communications to a full-stack Marketing manager in an international company.

This didn’t happen overnight. I put a lot of effort into it and it took me years to reach this big goal.

If you want your dream to become true, be willing to do the work

If you dream of becoming a prolific writer and sharing your personal stories with an international community on Medium, this idea you have inside you only exists outside your dream!

You have to show up and do the work.

In my opinion, work doesn’t just mean sitting down and putting pen to paper in order to strengthen your writing muscle. It’s far more than that.

It’s your mindset.

It’s your ability to push through challenges that arise, for instance, the Medium Writers Challenge.

Try new strategies and different things that allow you to grow your audience and become a better writer.

Don’t quit before the miracle happens!

© Kristina God

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