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Simily Is Down And It’s My Fault

  • 2 min read

… don’t punch your computer. It’s good news!

It’s smart to write on Simily in 2022.

That’s why I wrote an article about this new blogging platform.

I even shared a friend code to get one month of free access.

On Simily, you get $0.02 for every unique view (no matter if external or internal).

On Medium, for instance, you don’t get paid for external views

Around 50 writers (of 2K who read it) got inspired by my post and have started to write/republish their content on Simily.

Look what happened today!

A few hours ago Simily reported via Twitter:

And somehow that’s my (and your) fault 😉


Joking aside, it’s a good sign!


Don’t punch your computer.

Given the fact that the servers are down, I assume that lots of new and aspiring writers tried to publish their articles on this platform.

Of course, it could also be the case that hackers got the page down but let’s stay positive.

  • It means more and more people join the platform.
  • The more money is in the pot the more you can earn.

So, hang tight, guys!

Don’t punch your computer.

Now it’s Simily’s job to provide more powerful machines that can withstand the number of new users and content.

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If you decide to jump on the Simily bandwagon, keep me posted.

Get my friend code here:

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