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Some Of My Older Stories Are Gaining Traction Again

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That’s super weird. Why is this happening?

I heard from several writers that they suddenly see an increase in views related to older posts.

screenshot Kristina God

These posts aren’t evergreen posts

Still, they gain traction.

I also have several posts from spring and autumn last year that suddenly get engagement (claps and comments) and I also wondered:


Here are my findings:

1 —✔️ If you got featured in a bigger publication it’s more likely that your story gets “boosted” and picks up speed again.

2 —✔️ If your post received a good dose of engagement back then it’s more likely it gets pushed again.

3 —✔️ If you’re a more senior writer, you’ll see this more often than if you’re new to the platform.

4 —✔️Often the posts are lists or how-tos.

Tony Stubblebine recently shared he’ll boost quality content.

I think the phenomenon is the first harbinger of the changes that are coming in the near future.

✔️ Here’s one of these stories:


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