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Sorry But “If You Write It, They Will Come” Doesn’t Work

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In August, Medium celebrated its 10th birthday.

To celebrate Medium’s birthday, I started a little series where I dig a bit deeper and share important insights about the platform we love so much.

This time, I want to talk with you about the saying:

“If You Write It, They Will Come”

You shouldn’t fall for this!

  • Medium pays us for reading time and we wouldn’t probably earn a single dollar (in the first 6 months) when writing on our own WordPress blog BUT…
  • when Medium’s editorial team was told: “If You Write It, They Will Come”… it never worked that way.

Medium shut the doors of their own publications and also laid off their professional writers because they couldn’t convert readers into paying members.

SHARE your stories as much as you can!

Don’t give Medium’s algorithm too much control!

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