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Sorry, But It’s Too Late To Get Into The Online Writing Game

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I tell it like it is.

It’s too late to start writing online at this point.

I’m getting into the game of online writing too late.

If you’re thinking something like that…I hear you.

You’re not alone.

Actually, you’re in good company.

Last week, I’ve received several messages from people complaining that it’s too late to get into the online writing game.

You might wonder what I say to those people.

Here’s my short and sweet answer:

You’re crazy!

You’re crazy if you don’t start today!

It’s never too late.

There is no one that is you.

There could be a million stories on a certain topic, but no one will approach it like you.

Readers on Medium read stories by several authors, not just one author.

They want to have different voices.

My student Patricia Ross is 83 years old.

She’s the living proof.

👩Read her viral hit My Aging Body👩:

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