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Sorry But “Motivation Is Gonna Hit You One Day” Is A Lie

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It’s a myth.

There’s this myth about motivation I heard recently from a working mom:

“Motivation is gonna hit me one day”

While I started creating and growing my own writing business two years ago, she’s still in the “dreaming stage” of blogging and putting herself out there.

I thought twice but then decided to share with her what I’ve learned during the last past months.

I hope this will help you no matter in which stage, phase, or season in your life you are in.

You can *create* motivation

It’s all about getting a little win.

Here’s an example from another mom:

She wanted to lose weight after she gave birth to her baby so she started doing some exercises every day at home and then even went to the gym for *more*.


Because she lost weight within a few weeks. She saw the wonderful results.

She told me on the phone:

“Wow! This feels awesome! I LOVE the gym. It really works.”

You get motivated by winning

The first step is crucial to get motivated.

You need to get that dopamine hit and feel that taking action really works.

You get motivated by winning.

When I started writing on Medium about two years ago, I took this first step. I wrote and self-published my first story.

When I started, I didn’t want to create a business. That just happened to me during my journey.

Do something every day that will give you a tiny win

Looking back, it’s all about tiny wins. Micro wins.

When I published my first story in December 2020, I got 2 comments and 100 claps and it felt *awesome*.

This dopamine kick really helped me keep going because I wanted more of it.

Reevaluate your life

Let’s come back to the working mom I introduced to you at the beginning of this article.

A lot of people out there feel the same.

They have started to reevaluate their lives because of Covid-19.

Especially working parents are coming back to the core question:

“What do I really want in life?”

When I woke up from the deathbed of Covid last spring, I realized how irrelevant some parts of my (working) life have become.

I realized that I spent a lot of my life doing what others thought I should do:

  • working full-time while doing my Master’s degree
  • climbing the career ladder
  • getting the next promotion
  • earning more money
  • working till 2 am in the morning and glorifying it

I didn’t quit my corporate job (which I still love) but I thought it was the perfect time to double into the thing that I’m passionate about besides being a marketer.

Writing on Medium really opened the doors to so many other opportunities such as…

  • creating online courses
  • coaching others
  • attending virtual events
  • connecting with people around the world and making an impact

All these little wins added up!

They became bigger and bigger.

Final Takeaways

Motivation won’t gonna hit you one day.

You create it!

If you wish to create your own writing business, start yesterday.

You don’t have to quit your job and go all in. You can keep your security.

All you need to do is to start going in the direction of your dreams and passion. Micro steps will make the difference.

With all that energy and time that will go into it, your life will definitely change for the better!

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