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Sorry Not Sorry For Not Following You Back

  • 1 min read

start over and get 100 followers without playing games

On a daily basis, I get follow-for-follow requests from new ambitious writers with under 100 followers.

Sorry not sorry… you're not going to get followed by me.

I won’t play your game and follow you back. This is Medium. Not Instagram. You can get banned for playing these games.

But, hey, good news, I will follow you when you start over:

1— You show me a nice picture: not your dog, cat, an elephant’s butt, or none at all.

2 — You tell me your real name and write a little bio.

3 — You hit publish and write a compelling story that pops up in my feed.

Good news:

👉Bio, photo, and name can be changed within 5 minutes.

  • hit the green circle around your avatar
  • select Settings.

👉Of course, writing an article takes more than 5 minutes 😅

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