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Stand Out on Medium in 2024 — How to Create an Irresistible Writer Profile in 4 Steps

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To establish yourself effectively, here’s a suggestion from a Top Writer with more than 10,000 followers.

The cornerstone of your presence on Medium lies in your profile page, especially when you’re just beginning.

It forms the initial impression your audience has of you and plays a pivotal role in establishing your identity.

To establish yourself effectively, here’s my suggestion:

Use your real name instead of a pseudonym to construct a personal brand rooted in your true self.

  1. Display your face prominently.
  2. Convey your identity, your expertise and the topics you write about, in your Bio. Use this concise formula: “I assist ‘who’ in ‘doing what.’”
  3. Leverage the About Page to provide additional insights into your background.
  4. Ensure that people can easily connect with you, whether through email or your various social media profiles. This can attract new opportunities, such as freelance writing assignments.

Once you’ve crafted your profile, things will start feeling more tangible, and your journey will gain momentum.

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