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Stand Out on Substack by Mastering Your ‘Job-to-be-Done’

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Series: How to get started on Substack

It’s all about mastering your space

Substack is in everybody’s mouth.

But what’s the buzz all about?

In this new Substack series, I’m answering questions I received from the Medium community about starting a newsletter on Substack.

Today we want to talk about how to stand out on Substack and find your WHY.

People subscribe because you’re fulfilling a need, answering a question, alleviating a pain, or offering an insight.

Each distinguished newsletter in the market exists to fulfill a distinct “job”:

The tapestry of newsletter “jobs” is vast and varied

It’s not about monopolizing a space.

It’s about mastering your space.

Excellence isn’t an option. It’s the foundation.

My newsletter, for instance, is your compass to navigate the turbulent seas of part-time writing.

It’s here to make the first step, take action, monetize our writing, and ensure your writing thrives and your business grows.

Because if I can light up that pathway consistently for you, you’ll walk with me every step of the way.

In this week’s newsletter issue, for instance, I’m talking about the power of short form content.

The real questions, the ones you ought to ink in your mind, are:

  1. Who are you speaking to? Visualize them. What are their dreams, fears, aspirations, and curiosities?
  2. What void are you filling? Are you their entertainer, their mentor, their muse, or their news bearer?

The journey of creating isn’t about casting the widest net.

It’s about being indispensable to the tribe you serve.

Check out my newsletter for more and join my Substack family of 2,600+ subs:

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