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Start Writing a New Story Under 1 Second

  • 1 min read

Easy Medium hack.

When inspiration strikes it’s super easy to start writing a new story when you’re writing from the desktop.

Simply type “” into your browser.

This will take you straight to the Medium editor.

Now what?

Write everything that comes to your mind down. Don’t edit. Don’t overthink it.

Your formatting options in Medium’s story editor are:

1 — Bold — make your text bold

2 — Italics — generate italic text

3 — Links — embed hyperlinks to your story

4 — Title/Headers — create your title and header

5 — Subtitle/Subheaders — create a subtitle and subheaders

6 — Quotes — create block or pull quotes

7 — Drop caps — turn the first letter of your paragraph into a drop cap

8 — Private note — leave private notes

All you have to do is select text you want to format and choose the relevant option from the toolbar.

Super easy, am I right?

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