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Stop Asking Me About Getting Married

  • 2 min read

It’s not a crime to be single.

One of my female friends is thirty-something and single.

She’s happily, gratefully unmarried.

Still, she feels a lot of pressure to get married.

She told me when she’s sitting in a restaurant and dines alone, there are strangers coming to her table saying things like:

Hang in there, someone is going to figure out you’re a good catch.

The sympathetic looks are driving her crazy.

For women, it’s a different kind of pressure than for men, she told me.

Being a ‘single gal’ carries a stigma.

I’m a modern woman and I believe in partnership for myself… she told me.

Not everyone does.

A lot of other women place that social stigma on her only to divorce years later.

Different things are right for different people.

In today’s society, women no longer have to tie their worth to marriage.

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