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Stop Complaining About Your Medium Earnings. You're Missing The Bigger Picture

  • 3 min read

You’re missing where the value is in writing.

Are you one of those new writers complaining about their stats and earnings?

Well, you’re in good company.

I see A LOT of new writers on Medium and YouTube complaining about their earnings.

First of all, this is a writing mill.

After all, that’s what Medium is.

It’s a publishing platform that’s open for everyone to join (soon also India, Brazil etc. will be able to earn money) and get paid.

Thousands of articles get published every single day.

You are one of hundreds of thousands of writers.

People aren’t paying you, as on Substack, they are paying for ALL writers on Medium.

Second, since Tony Stubblebine holds the reins, he has repeated over and over again that this platform is NOT for people looking for a salary, or full-time income (although there are people who manage to earn a living from writing here, even if it’s volatile).

The other day, another tech writer complained that his earnings dropped.

Instead of $1,000, he’s earning less than $200 now with his stories.

This person was writing about generative AI.

And I thought:


Dude, you’re MISSING what Medium “is all about” (sounds like ChatGPT but isn’t, that’s how I write :)).

Did you know?

Technology is the most popular topic on Medium with the most followers. (Here’s my video about Medium’s demographics and top topics and publications).

Medium gives you the AMAZING opportunity to build an audience from scratch.

You can build trust, credibility, and authority here.

Maybe you won’t make a full-time income but you can create so much more (even with a small follower base).

You can become a recognized subject matter expert in the field you’re writing about.

If you niche down you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars OUTSIDE of Medium.

Instead of complaining, keep writing in your niche.

Learn as much as you can.

If you love generative AI, perfect! I heard one tech writer say, that by 2025 90% of all words on the internet will be written by AI.

Learn as much as you can. Share everything you know.

People will start to like and trust you.

If you’re complaining about your earnings, you are missing where the value is in writing.

Do you have a niche? What are you earning? Are you complaining about it or do you see all the other opportunities?

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