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Stop Complaining To The Medium Gods About These 3 Things

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here’s the proof of why you should be grateful for the opportunities on this platform

‘Views are down. Earnings are low. Only one person can win the Medium Writers Challenge. The rest shares the pennies…’

You may know these complaints only too well, do you?

Gratitude is the cure

For me, being grateful for the opportunities Medium offers us is key.

Instead of being angry and sad, be thankful for any views, earnings you get, and writing challenges you can participate in.

The cure to all your complaining is gratitude.

Keep on reading and let me show you why. Here are 3 examples.

#1 You don't need tons of views

Business vector created by jcomp

Views on Medium simply mean readers are seeing your content in their personal feed.

In general, views are linked with earnings but you can’t say ‘Only if I have tons of views my writing is a success!’

Here’s the proof:

= Tons of views don’t make you a success. Don’t complain to the Medium Gods about your views. Instead, be grateful for the views you receive.

The goal of any blog is to increase traffic and views. If you start your own blog and use WordPress, you need to market your blog, use SEO, rank on Google, and so on.

With Medium, there is already an internal distribution channel that gives you all the attention you need. Your potential audience is already there.

#2 You don’t need tons of money (overnight)

Money vector created by pch.vector

‘My childhood dream was to earn from writing, and thanks to Medium, I am now earning handsome money’ said Yousuf Rafi recently.

His secret? He built a writing habit and posts frequently on Medium.

Also, Vishnu*s Virtues stated that he’s happy that the WordPress days are over. As a content creator, you can earn real money on this platform. With your personal blog, it would take months or even years to make a few bucks.

It’s a great motivation to get paid for your articles even if it’s only a few pennies. But you have to keep in mind that you can scale your business. If you can earn $1 you can also earn $10 and so on.

As Medium sherpa Roz Warren revealed lately:

I’ve been on the platform since February 2019.

I have 7.5K followers. (Now it’s 8.8k)

My average payment per post is $15. But it can take a year for a post to reach this amount. (….) My average monthly take is $400.

= Instead of complaining to the Medium Gods about your low earnings, check out Roz’ article where she shares her Medium Money information and around 60 people show theirs in the comments sections too. You’re not alone.

‘Overnight success stories take a long time ‘ — Steve Jobs

Write, write, write and write and one day you’ll see results. It doesn't have to be tons of money.

Be thankful that you get a little extra cash for your passionate side hustle instead.

#3 You don’t need to win the Medium Writers Challenge

Business vector created by jcomp

Medium is currently holding its Writers Challenge. Writers could publish their work in four topics: death, reentry, work, and space.

In this excellent comic my favorite cartoonist David B. Clear sums the issue up:


I’ve gathered you here today to announce the Medium Writers Challenge! Let me explain how it will work. Do you see this gigantic bag of money? If you write your ass off, one and only one of you will get to take it home! Any questions?


What about the rest of us? What does everyone else get?


The rest of you get to share this penny!

The complaint: Medium is planning to hand out $50,000 to a single writer for one single story. It’s just going to make one writer happy. What about the others?

= In my opinion, the challenge is beneficial for all of us. Why?

First of all, if the challenge makes you consider writing it’s accomplishing its goal. People like Michael Nagy got out of their comfort zone and gave writing a try.

For me personally, it wasn’t really about the money, it was an excuse to get out of my comfort zone. (…) But I’m smart enough to know that I wouldn’t get either of the big prizes.

Second, it’s good publicity. The Medium Writers Challenge attracted more paying members and made people talk about the platform.

The more people join this platform and become paying members, the more money is in the pot for all creators.

The long-term potential is absolutely enormous.

Final Thoughts

Save my piece in your lists.

Next time you start complaining about Medium read this piece again and try to be more grateful for the opportunities Medium is giving us writers (and readers) in order to fulfill our dreams.

Keep in mind:

  • #1 You don’t need tons of views
  • #2 You don’t need tons of money (overnight)
  • #3 You don’t need to win the Medium Writers Challenge

Stop complaining to the Medium Gods. Be grateful instead and celebrate your small successes.

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