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Stop Cranking Out Fluff (For The Algorithm) — Better Be Smart

  • 2 min read

Being proud of your work is more important than short-term success.

I see a lot of fluff on Medium.

Stories that could have been shorter but were artificially made bigger.

On Substack, I rarely see this.


No one is writing for the algorithm.

Substackers are writing for themselves and their audience.

I really like that.

On Medium, people see a topic works. Then they are preparing themselves over and over again OR they are adding fluff to their mini story to make it bigger.

When I see another iteration of the same old story or a story full of fluff, I stop reading. You should too!

Often the story could have been a 150 words short form post and it’s really a waste of your lifetime to read all this fluff.

If you are such a writer who is cranking out a lot of fluff…. ask yourself:

  • Am I proud of my work?
  • Does this attract potential clients and followers?

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