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Stop! I Don’t Want To Hear Productivity Tips Anymore

  • 1 min read

They sound good, but are often useless.

Is this you?

I wish I had more time to get things done!

I feel you!

However, if one more person on Medium tells me to…

… wake up at 5 am…

I’ll literally start screaming!

First, this is ancient advice. I heard about the Morning Glory already 13 years ago.

Second, it sounds good but is useless.

Okay, so I’m not a productivity expert by any means but what I know is how to get things done and be consistent.

Actually, being productive and getting things done are two completely different things.

It’s about being effective!

Effectiveness = knowing how to best use the limited time you have, …and getting the most results out of it.

This is NOT about trying to find more time by depriving yourself of sleep!

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