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Stop Overcomplicating Writing Newsletters — It’s a 5-Step Funnel

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An email is a 5 step funnel. I’ll show you why.

Marketing funnels are essential tools for engaging potential clients and demonstrating the unique value of your offerings.

Among the various types of marketing funnels, newsletter emails stand out for their effectiveness and direct approach.

An email newsletter can be conceptualized as a 5-step funnel:

1 — Subject Line → Open

A compelling subject line should be intriguing, clear, and relevant, offering a hint of the value awaiting inside the email.

2 — Open → Headline

A powerful headline is concise yet impactful, effectively summarizing the email’s core message or offer.

3 — Headline → Body Text

This section should be informative, easy to read, and relevant to the reader’s interests or needs.

4 — Body Text → CTA (Call To Action)

The CTA is a critical component, guiding readers on what to do next.

5 — CTA → Click

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