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Stop The Overwhelm! — Create A Social Media Content Planner Instead

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Narrow your focus and reach your goals.

Overwhelm keeps online writers from winning.

When we try to do too many things at once we accomplish nothing.

That’s why it’s so important to narrow your focus.

Do you know one of the most important tools every successful content creator uses?

It’s a social media content plan.

It’s a simple list that stops the overwhelm and helps you to focus on getting things done like a pro.

You may be saying:

Mention tech and I’m in a world of hurt.

90% of my students and I can relate.

I get it.

No worries. You don’t need an IT degree to start.

Guess what?

Your tech headaches stop right now.

I’ll show you how you can make tech a non-issue when it comes to creating a social media content plan.

How To Create A Social Media Content Plan With Excel

There are various tools out there to plan out your content.

As a Brand Manager and former Marketing Consultant, I tried different (fancy and expensive) tools.

My number one tool is Excel.

Whether you want to plan your content for Medium, Quora, Substack, Simily, or any other social media platform, Excel can help.

New writer Kasey Harrington agrees and states:

Excel (Numbers for Apple users) can be listed as the most underutilized tool.

The advantages of using a social media content planner in Excel:

  • you can create a rough draft of your article of the day/content for the week
  • visualize your content
  • get a structured outline
  • look at your content from the bird’s eye view
  • take the guessing out of creating

Examples of using the social media content planner:

Below is an example of my Medium story planner for this week:

screenshot by Kristina God
  • I only plan my long-form stories. For instance this one for today.
  • I don’t plan my short-form stories as I love being flexible too.

Moreover, I plan my different channels (Twitter, Quora, Ko-fi, Coaching, BootCamp) where I cross-/republish my stories and/or promote them.

screenshot by Kristina God

New writer Kasey uses her Excel sheet to plan her Medium story ideas by using an Excel column:

screenshot by Kasey Harrington

The date of the post, title, subtitle, picture, photo credit, and description are all organized together.

The picture area is often a spot for ideas of what type of photo you want, but you can also record the actual picture you found.

Organizing it this way enables me to see what I’ve done in the past as well.

In addition, the same structure can be used for planning out other social media outlets but you may want to add in areas to plan out hashtags or keywords.

When to plan your content?

As you may know, I work for my side hustle from 7 pm to 11ish pm in the evening.

I carve out time at the end or beginning of the week to plan out my content.

How to start?

It’s super easy.

  • Make sure Excel is installed on your desktop.
  • Open an excel file.
  • Get a sense of what it’s like by simply typing in a story idea, the date you want to publish it, copying and pasting a photo, and so on.
  • Days, weeks, or months of content can be organized now.

I know this is just a short introduction to using Excel.

Hint: On YouTube, you can find helpful videos on how to get started.

Putting it all together

As experienced writer Louise Foerster says:

The best tools are the ones that work — and that you use! Louise Foerster

I think a social media content planner is one of the most important tools for every content creator.

Excel belongs to the most underrated programs although it’s number one in most social media/marketing agencies.

Plan out your process with the ideas mentioned above.

Effectively planning your content is an ongoing cycle. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

My recommendation: Stick to this essential step to develop content planning that puts a strategic approach first.

As more experienced writer C.S. Voll says:

I also put all of my topics, ideas, and sources into a document, although (the) Excel approach looks much more effective.

I will definitely have to give this method a look!

Stop the overwhelm and narrow your focus.

PS: If you say ‘I need your template, Kristina’, please leave a comment. I’m thinking of sharing helpful templates in my Ko-fi shop soon.

© Kristina God

****UPDATE Get your free Social Media Content Calendar here! UPDATE****

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