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Stop Thinking About “Or” and More About “And”

  • 1 min read

Often as content creators, we’re so focused on:

This is better than that.

It’s x “or” x. Medium “or” Vocal.

But how about “and”? Medium “and” Vocal.

Why not have the best of two worlds?

Why put all eggs in one basket and think this is the single platform you’re writing on because it’s the best?

Or this is the one you’re leaving because it’s the worst.

Why not add “and”?

Fall in love with “add” again and add new things to your life, be open-minded and try new things.

Don’t focus so much on being right.

Being right doesn’t exist.

Often failures trigger success (you learn from them and excel).

Often success in a specific season of your life can also be a failure in the long run (you’re getting divorced because you work so hard).

What do you think?

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