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Stop Thinking Bloggers Are Limited to The Written Word and Let’s Challenge That Assumption

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It’s worth exploring some other options to grow your audience.

We as bloggers aren’t limited to the written word.

It’s definitely worth exploring other content formats besides text.

A few weeks back, I talked with my hubby and part-time YouTuber Patrick God about blogging in general.

“Usually,” he said, “when you think of blog content, you think of a standard text. Why not challenge that assumption a little and try video content?”

Since I love to challenge myself I replied:

“Sure, why not! I could experiment with putting out video content instead of just text.”

For a lot of consumers, video is the ideal way to consume media.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet.

Millions of people find videos to be compelling.

So I started creating short videos.

I uploaded them on TikTok and on YouTube.

You also get the added benefit of being discoverable on the actual YouTube and TikTok platforms, which is a great way to start growing an audience outside of Medium or any other blogging site.

The point here is that you’re not limited to the traditional text blog post.

Video can be fun too!

Benefits of creating video content

Video can bring you closer to your audience.

It can connect you to your followers on another level.

With video, you’re being able to deliver your message in a way that really lands and makes an impact.

For me, video has a prominent place in my content marketing strategy for 2023.

I highly recommend capitalizing on the benefits of Yoube.

Instead of thinking:

Writers write.

Shift your mindset to

Content creators create content.

7 Reasons Why YouTube Is The Future for Content Creators

7 — It’s not simply a website. With more than 3 billion searches per month, it’s the world’s second-largest search engine behind Google.

6 — It’s extremely user-friendly.

5 — It’s the fastest-growing video-sharing website.

4 — Nearly 1 out of 2 internet users are on YouTube.

3 — You can learn everything on YouTube — from baking bread to learning to play the piano, to yoga, to breastfeeding, to breakdance, to writing, drawing… you name it!

2 — Per minute 500 hours of video content are uploaded.

1 — The average time spent on YouTube per day is 18 minutes.

It’s worth exploring some other options to grow your audience.

It’s super smart to not put all eggs in one basket but to try different platforms.

I recently shared the Medium Promotion Prism where I give an overview of all the possibilities *bloggers* have.

It’s worth exploring some other options to grow your audience.
Medium Promotion Prism

Blogging is so much more than only writing articles.

Why it’s super smart to join Medium’s biggest publications:

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