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Stories That Will Get An Automatic *No* From Boost Nominators

  • 1 min read

Sorry. I’m out!

I won’t get Boosted for this story.

It’s way too short and it’s a *meta* post.

But that’s fine for me.

I’m on maternity leave and am happy that I batch-created a bunch of stories and you can keep on reading my *wisdom*. haha.

Because my goal always has been and will be to help you be seen on Medium.

Here are 8 story types that will get an automatic *no*:

  • meta stories
  • short stories — not enough meat on the bone
  • formulaic writing — reads like anything with AI
  • with no own voice
  • unqualified opinion about a topic e.g. fitness, side hustling, mental health
  • doom porn — writing about a topic without bringing a solution
  • many typos in the title, subtitle, and opening
  • general advice without personal experience

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