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Study These Boosted Posts to Better Understand What Medium Is Boosting Today

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It helps to study boosted posts to know what nommers are looking for.

If you’re a writer, getting Boosted on Medium is not easy.

When you’re a boost nominator, it’s also not easy to find the needle in the hey that is boost-worthy.

Luckily, boost-eligible publications such as “Modern Women” from my friend Megan Llorente and her lead editor ADEOLA SHEEHY-ADEKALE help you navigate the BOOST in Medium land.

They do this, not only to help you get seen and 10x your views and earnings but also to have valuable stories to nominate for a boost (and earn up to $900).

Getting boosted makes a HUGE difference

Getting boosted means earning $100 instead of $10 or $400 instead of $40.

Check out:

Learn more in my latest YouTube interview.

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