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Subscribe To My New Substack Newsletter To Listen To My Voice

  • 2 min read

Let’s build a deeper connection!

If you like my writing and say:

“I need more of it and Kristina!”

I have good news for you.

You know what marketers recommend:

“If you want to build a personal connection with your followers and fans, show more of your true self. For instance, record your voice.”

That’s exactly what I did, my friend.

If you want to listen to my voice and hear my German accent, check out my new Substack newsletter.

But let me give you some background information:

Last Tuesday, I started my own newsletter on Substack.

I loved that 100 people checked it out and 10 people liked it and left a comment.

Plus, I jumped from around 60 to 100 subscribers within 7 days, which is awesome.

Deeper connections = audio

This week, I narrated my second Substack post myself to add a personal touch to my newsletter.

Check out my voice-acting skills. lol.

Since my Substack newsletter is all about you, I’d love to know your feedback.

Based on the feedback from last week, I’ll add a video to my Substack too. All subscribers will get early access to my YouTube videos.

Oh, my newsletter is free and priceless! Please subscribe to get all the Go(o)dness, my friend, freebies, bonuses, and invites to webinars.

I’m curious. How do you like audio content?

PS: Are you on Substack, too? Let’s connect!

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