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Substack Is Where It’s At!

  • 1 min read

Don’t think. Act!

To anyone reading this and about to comment something like…

“I’ve been thinking about”

“I’ll hold off on making one until…”


“I’ve been looking into Substack”

my advice is to tab over to the site and just start.

Like, today.

Substack is buzzing!

It launched three new features to get more paid subscribers and it will soon add a DM function and many more features for writers.

No clue where to start?

It’s really easy to set up an account and begin. Trust me.

If you need guidance you can subscribe to my newsletter and get access to my Substack School and/or watch my interviews, walkthroughs, and tutorials on YouTube.

David McIlroy crossed the 1,000 subs milestone.

I gained 1,000 subs through referrals.

It’s really exciting to write on Substack.

Come join us there and my Substack School. We write on both sites and it’s really fun.

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