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Substack is Your Personal Book Club and Medium is a Bustling Cafe

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Both platforms are awesome and have their pros and cons.

Both Substack and Medium have changed the game for online writers.

I have found a haven in Medium as my personal social blog and Substack as my newsletter platform.

Often new writers wonder:

Which is the right fit for me?

If that’s you, then let’s discover the two platforms together:

Substack: Your Personal Book Club

Imagine hosting a cozy gathering, where every attendee hangs onto your every word. That’s Substack.

It’s like setting up a table in a bustling market, inviting passersby to sit, read, and engage in intimate conversations.


Think of it as a membership to your exclusive book club. Readers pay to get the best seats and hear your stories firsthand. It’s direct, it’s transparent.


Here, you’re the master of the domain. Your words. Your rules.


It’s about fostering a tight-knit community. Imagine getting letters from your most loyal readers, sparking profound dialogues.

Medium: The Bustling Cafe

Now, envision Medium as that artsy cafe downtown. Multiple tables, myriad conversations.

Here, your stories find themselves amidst a mosaic of voices.


It’s the place to be seen. Every article is a shout into a cavern, hoping for an echo from a broad and diverse audience.


Earnings aren’t about a direct ticket price. Instead, it’s about the applause and appreciation your piece garners. Think of it as busking in a digital square.


Here, you’re rubbing shoulders with fellow writers, exchanging ideas, highlighting, and commenting. A vast network of thinkers awaits.

Dilemma: Substack vs. Medium

It boils down to personal space vs. shared real estate.

Substack hands you the keys to your content castle, while Medium offers you a prime spot in their bustling plaza.

In addition, Substack is like a bespoke suit, tailored just for you.

Medium, on the other hand, provides a ready-to-wear outfit, stylish but less personalized.

Bottom Line

  • Do you want a devoted fan club (Substack)?
  • Or a chance to charm the crowds in a grand auditorium (Medium)?

Both platforms are awesome and have their pros and cons.

I write on both platforms.

For me, it’s not an “either… or”. It’s an “and”.

How do you feel about it?

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