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Substack Recommendations — The Most Impactful Growth Feature Substack Has To Offer

  • 2 min read

Especially if you’re hitting a plateau with your Substack subscriber growth

Substack is buzzing.

More and more Medium writers are also writing on the newsletter platform.

If you are hitting a plateau with your Substack subscriber growth, you might be missing out on the most impactful growth feature Substack has to offer:

recommendations from other authors.

It’s not just about publishing quality content.

It’s about leveraging the power of your community, and your tribe on Substack.

A staggering 590 newsletters have recommended my work, and it’s been a game-changer.

This reciprocal gesture from fellow newsletter writers is akin to digital word-of-mouth marketing that can drastically increase your reach.

It adds credibility to your work, enticing new readers to hit that “subscribe” button.

Want your Substack to gain traction?

There’s something you can do actively. You can reach out to your tribe and ask them for help.

Learn how and take advantage of Substack’s recommendations feature:

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