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Super Mario Killed Twitter Blue

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It’s a me, Mario!

The $8-a-month Twitter Blue subscription service isn’t available anymore.

If you click on the link, it reads:

“Thank you for your interest! Twitter Blue will be available in your country in the future. Please check back later.”

In fact, Twitter doesn’t want anyone to subscribe anymore.

You might wonder:

“What happened within the last couple of days?”

I got you covered!

After Musk cut Twitter in half, Super Mario struck back

Before I talk about the role Super Mario plays in pausing Twitter Blue, let me give you some background information first.

If you don’t know me yet, I’m a marketer who loves to write about all news in the social media world. Last week, I already warned creators that Twitter is in increasing danger of breakdown.

Let’s come to the blue checkmark. I’m sure you’ve heard about this feature already. Elon Musk’s baby.

After cutting Twitter in half, he wanted to update the subscription and let users buy a blue verification checkmark next to their name.

Its purpose?

As on Instagram, it should be some kind of verification badge.

It used to be an indication to users that Twitter had verified somebody’s identity and let users know, for instance, that Barack Obama is the *real* Barack Obama tweeting on the platform.

Barack Obama on Twitter

The problem:

Elon Musk’s new “verified” checkmark was obtainable by literally anyone with internet access and a credit card.

What happened?


On Thursday, pranksters subscribed to the services and started to impersonate…

  • celebrities such as George W. Bush or Trump
  • brands and companies such as the pharmaceutical company Ely Lilly

The pranksters tweeted absurd, hilarious, and ironic messages that supposedly came from a “verified account.”

Such as this one from the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly:

Last Thursday, the Twitter account @EliLillyandCom, which had a “verified” blue checkmark, posted:

“We are excited to announce insulin is free now.”

@EliLillyandCom fake account
fake @EliLillyandCom account

That account turned out to be a fake account.

The consequences?

The pharmaceutical company apologized and is facing a shit storm now from people who want the diabetes drug insulin to be free.

The pharmaceutical company apologized and is facing a shit storm now from people who want the diabetes drug insulin to be free.
Ely Lilly account on Twitter

Elly Lilly’s stock fell 4 percent.

This means huge damage to the company.

Now Super Mario comes into play

Nintendo is one of the most recognizable companies in the world, and Super Mario is the family-friendly king of video games.

I loved to play Super Mario when I was younger (and still love to play it together with my hubby).

I even bought my hubby a Super Mario cake for his birthday.

Last Thursday, the official account “Nintendo of America” shared a tweet of its superstar: Super Mario.

Nothing extraordinary you might think.


In the picture, Super Mario is smiling at the camera, wearing his classic red hat with the “M” for Mario, his blue dungarees, and a red shirt, with his fist at his side.

But his other hand is …

giving a middle finger.

Super Mario giving middle finger
Super Mario fake account

You might wonder:

“Why on earth would Super Mario give us the finger?”

Well, it’s a parody.

And Elon Musk?

Apparently, he thinks it’s hilarious and adds:

Elon Musk Twitter

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