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Super Picky? Guess What The Acceptance Rates Are at “The Writing Cooperative”?

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It’s one of Medium’s Top 10 Publications.

Justin Cox, owner of one of Medium’s biggest publications has a lot of reading to do every single week.

When he sits down to dig through all the weekly submissions, he has to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The Writing Cooperative is dedicated to high-quality advice for writers so it’s no surprise.

However, many writers who got rejected wonder:

“Why was my story REJECTED by Justin?”

The better question may be:

“Why was my story ACCEPTED?”

Technically, on Saturday, Justin reviews 60 submissions received over the course of a week.

“That does not include columns or priority submissions which are reviewed separately”, he adds.

A few weeks back, he started sharing weekly publishing rates on Mastodon and his writing community:

  • On 11th March, the acceptance rate was 25% (15/60)
  • On 4th March, it was 44% (24/55)
  • The week prior was 23% (14/63)

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