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Super Scary! Are These Hot Fashion Models Real or Fake?

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Real-life models are in deep trouble.

There’s a new modeling agency.

It’s called Deep Agency.

Its owner is a developer from the Netherlands.

On the website of his agency, you can get probably the hottest and most trendy models on the internet.

You can “hire” these models today with a couple of clicks.

What’s so special about Deep Agency’s models?

“Elevate your photo game and say goodbye to traditional photo shoots,” the site reads.


It’s an AI photo studio.

These models are 100% AI- generated ― they don’t exist in the physical world.

Super Scary! Are These Hot Fashion Models Real or Fake?
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You can generate photos of the virtual models in various poses and settings by typing in some text about the image you’d like to create.

In the blink of an eye, the site can then produce the image.

Are real-life models in deep trouble?

Here are the pros and cons of AI-generated models:


  • For small businesses, it’s a genius cost-effective, and flexible solution.
  • You don’t have to pay for a photographer, a real model, or book a physical location.
  • The modeling industry has already been under great pressure to diversify its models and is more open to everyday models. There is no singular body and image standard anymore.


  • It may reinforce unrealistic beauty standards more than ever before.
  • Real-life models have real-life bodies that can interact with and showcase the products that they’re modeling.
  • Lack of product placement: none of the models can wear a piece of apparel to show off to consumers (yet).

Digitize yourself and create a virtual twin

Founder of Deep Agency, Danny Postma, shared on Twitter that there’s also another feature that might appeal to you.

“Upload 20 selfies and let our AI do its magic. Thirty minutes later, your virtual twin is ready.”

What does this mean?

Users can upload photos to Deep Agency and use them to create images of themselves in various poses.

What I love is that you can also create anime studio photos:

Danny Postma Twitter

Bottom Line

Let’s conclude with Simon Chambers, director at modeling agency Storm Management:

“AI will speed up and streamline many business processes and will find its place in our industry, but we bet that, for the time being, real people will continue to lead and inspire!”

Would you know the models weren’t real if they showed up on your timeline?

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