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Super! Soon Medium Will Allow Us To Identify Boosted Stories

  • 2 min read

It hasn’t been built yet but Medium is working on it already

Ellen Eastwood would love to be able to see when stories have been Boosted.

I know that Rui Alves also wants more transparency and a list of Boosted stories to see which writers and stories get an extra Boost and which don’t.

This way we can improve our writing and we can see whether there are *favorites* Boosters prefer to support.

We have to keep in mind that the Boost Program is still in beta.

Ariel Meadow Stalling who is responsible for Medium’s new distribution is working hard to build a system to scale.

She shared that behind the scenes Medium is already working on a tool that identifies Boosted stories and writers.

This could be similar to the new yellow star icon that shows that someone is a member.

Or the blue author badge that shows that someone has published a book.

Also, Nominators could be attributed!

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