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Super Thanks Tipping On YouTube Is Powerful

  • 1 min read

It feels rewarding to see those dollars rolling in.

One hour ago, my hubby and YouTuber Patrick God shared his video of the week about “Object-Relational Mapping 🚀 with Code Example using .NET 7 & Entity Framework”.

Guess what?

When he made his video public he instantly received a Super Thanks.

Super Thanks is YouTube’s new tipping feature and it’s awesome.

Your followers can say thank you by tipping their favorite creator.

It’s a sign of appreciation.

As a user, you’ll get to choose between four different price amounts and have a highlighted comment (in green) added for the creator to see.

Patrick just loves this tipping feature because the $5 goes directly to his AdSense “tip jar” account.

What’s a bit sad… you only get 70% of your tip.

Google gets 30% of your tip.

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