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Supersized! Forget About Short Tweets — Twitter Just Launched Long Form Tweets

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Supersized! 4,000 characters is a big change and the next step toward paying writers for their Tweets.

When Ev Williams co-founded Twitter it was all about short-form content.

One of the reasons he founded Medium was that he wanted to give creators the opportunity to create medium-sized stories.

Medium = medium-sized stories of 3 to 7 minutes

Now Elon Musk redefined one of Twitter’s core features: its tweets.

For Twitter Blue users the 280-character limit doesn’t exist anymore.

Subscribers in the United States are now able to write tweets of up to 4,000 characters.

Twitter will continue to only show 280 characters on your timeline.

Users will have to tap a “Show more” prompt to click and read the supersized tweets.

It looks like this:

Twitter launched its news feature by asking its users:

Pros and cons of the new long-form Tweets


❌Quo vadis Threads?

Threads allow you to divide and segment your thoughts across separate tweets, and allow your followers to react and even share the specific ones they agree with or like the most.

Having a conjoined, essay of a tweet won't allow you that freedom to highlight your thoughts.

❌Will Twitter still be Twitter?

People come to Twitter to read short and precise posts — not long-form stories.

The character limit was one of its unique selling points and let them stand out from its competitors.


✔️Long-form = more earnings for writers?

In late 2022, Elon Musk announced that he’d be open to paying writers and creators for their content on Twitter — even video content.

Musk even claimed Twitter will pay creators a higher proportion of ad revenues than YouTube.

When Musk axed CoTweets at the beginning of February, he announced that he was in the middle of preparing everything to launch a feature allowing creators to be paid for their tweets.

Musk said a “beta” is coming this week.

Are you on Twitter? What do you think about Musk’s plans for the future?

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