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Surprise! I Will Recommend Your Substack Newsletter

  • 2 min read

Are you on Susbstack? Share your newsletter with me.

I’m thankful for everyone who recommended my Substack newsletter about writing online and marking money within the last past month.

19 publications recommended to me.

Since the recommendations feature on Substack is a super powerful tool, I’d like to help you grow.

With every recommendation, new subscribers are joining your newsletter.

That’s pretty awesome.

When you’re writing on Substack, you’re not writing for an algorithm. You’re writing for other humans!

That’s what I love.

Substack makes it super easy to discover writers and publications on a specific topic, such as food or technology.

  • When Marx D. from The Side Hustle Club recommended my newsletter, I got 40 new subscribers.
  • When Nicole Dake recommended it I won 6 new subscribers.

That’s how Substack’s system works: collaboration!

I decided to recommend to my about 800 subscribers one publication I like per week.

Share your Substack newsletter in the comments and let’s collaborate!

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