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Surprise! Win A Free Spot In Kristina God’s Boot Camp

  • 2 min read

New Writers Welcome sponsors $169 for one lucky winner

Surprise, dear friends, and followers🔥,

It’s Top Writer Kristina God.

I’m co-editor of the Shortform by Tom Fenske together with my colleague Burk.

I woke up this morning with a great surprise.


Robert Ralph, owner of New Writers Welcome — the home for every new writer — decided to “sponsor” one lucky winner to attend my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp in February 2022.

we will foot the bill; yes, we will pay for your course at no cost to you.

8 new and aspiring writers have already joined within the last 48+ hours of the launch.

If you say…


YES, I want this!

I need this!


It’s YOUR moment!

You’ve got to get sponsored🔥.

Click here to learn how to enter & kickstart your success on Medium.

Special thanks to Robert Ralph and his team!

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