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Take Back Control Of Your Audience

  • 1 min read

From zero to 1,000 subscribers in 17 months.

You have already a small following on Medium? Super!

What’s next when you’re thinking about growing your own business?

Exactly! Smart creators start growing their email lists alongside their writing.

Your email list is still the most important asset in your business.

No matter how big your following is or how big you want it to be it’s crucial to know that your following is just a vanity metric.

On Medium, there are writers with a small following (only a few thousand) who earn more money than writers with 20K+.

Medium is powerful because it can help you to grow your audience and make people like and trust you.

But you have to bring them to your email list!

You can grow your email list in the background alongside your writing on Medium as I did.

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