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Take The Quiz to Find Out Whether You’re a Leader and Why Seth Godin Says You Should Be Like The…

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This is a must-read.

I love TED talks.

I love Seth Godin

He’s a marketing genius.

Seth Godin + TED talk = that’s where the magic happens

His famous TED talk

Can Ordinary People Become Leaders?

is about disruptive leadership.

In it, he states:

The Beatles did not invent teenagers. They merely decided to lead them.

What does Godin mean?

He means that people are waiting for you to lead them.

You don’t need any permission.

They are looking for a leader.

What do leaders do differently?

1 — 👍🏻They challenge the status quo.

2 —👍🏻 They build a culture.

3 —👍🏻 They are curious about their audience’s desires, pain points, and needs.

4 — 👍🏻They are asking questions and thus connect with others.

5 — 👍🏻They commit to their audience.

You are no different.

  • Find an audience that already exists (on Medium).
  • Decide to lead them in a specific category/niche.
  • Become a reliable source of value.

So tell me. Are you a leader?

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