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Tech Writer Earnings Are Down 50% to 90%

  • 2 min read

Some writers benefit from the changes. Others don’t.

I received several DM’s and emails from writers complaining about dropping views and low earnings.

So this week whenever my little girl took a nap I talked with Medium writers, read articles and comments.

Here’s the Ugly Side Of Medium…

As always, some writers benefit from the changes (and Medium’s new Boost system is just one puzzle piece), such as my friend Yana Bostongirl and many more of my Medium followers and students.

Others are really frustrated and don’t know what to do.

Since August 1st, tech writers, for instance, have been seeing the effect shown in the featured image.

Their views and earnings are down by 50% to 90%!

Tech articles are slowly dying on Medium — only Boosted ones get views and earn money. That’s a bummer!

Tell me! How are you faring with Medium’s latest changes to its algorithm, Partner Program, Boost, and earnings calculation?

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